Where Gen Z
goes beyond

To design a snowball effect that inspires high-impact gen Z individuals to think big, support their networks' personal growth, and create real value through real connections for their community.
To create a lever via network power for gen Z individuals who would like to unlock new opportunities in their journey.
Core belief
The gradoo community consists of friendly young doers who are solution oriented to create an impact within their current conditions. In other words, the "Can Do" mindset is at the very core of the community, and the positivity that arose from the mindset increases our resilience and helps us to transform things in our daily life. In this context, the gradoo community objects to designing  a very inclusive and positive atmosphere  that supports gen Z individuals to go beyond themselves.

What is your challenge?

Do you think that you have a huge potential to lead and organize a big event but no opportunity?
No incentive from school and your family to be more creative in such an energetic period of your life?
Do you think that you have a visibility problem in real life even though you are really active in digital mediums.
Social pressure to be the best student in your school life.
Resource problem to do some cool things like festivals or competitions with friends.
Intense study hours for university entrance exam.
No leisure activity for personal interest.
Challenge accepted! Let’s come together and do our best to enjoy school life!
University exam stress blocks you to discover yourself.
Lack of social engagement with the society.

Challenge accepted!

Let’s come together and do our best to enjoy school life!
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